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Comments 3 “Traumatized critics exhale: I’m unable to do the Oscars again,” Seth MacFarlane tweeted Monday. (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times / February 24, 2013) Also By Steven Zeitchik September 18, 2013, 1:26 p.m. Seth MacFarlane may have plenty of reasons to count his millions , but hes had a pretty rough year of it in the media. Last winter he was pummeled for his boob-happy Oscar-hosting turn, which many critics found misogynistic and unfunny. And this week hes been getting dragged through it all over again with the premiere Tuesday night of his live-action Fox sitcom Dads, which, in an unfortunate parallel to the Oscars , has been called racist and unfunny. Thats of considerable interest to moviedom. MacFarlane has two big films coming out over the next 20 months: the comedic western A Million Ways to Die In the West, out in May, and Ted 2, the sequel to the Mark Wahlberg blockbuster that shoots next year and will hit theaters in April 2015. West starring an ensemble cast of MacFarlane, Neil Patrick Harris , Sarah Silverman and Dads Giovanni Ribisi is about a sheep farmer, a duel, a criminal and other genre absurdities. Its a big test for MacFarlane, since it takes him deeper into a new territory and much further from the Family Guy-esque comedy hes known for on TV and was able to smuggle into Ted. Having a strike against you leading up to that film won’t help the cause. FALL TV 2013: Watch the trailers Indeed, the biggest problem for MacFarlane on Dads isnt the offensiveness its that, so far, its not bringing the laughs. Regardless of what you think of the so-called edginess the Hitler video-game jokes, the cancer jokes, the Asian-school-girl jokes that will matter a lot more than whether the show sets off taste alarm bells.

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It has some horror qualities but the performances by Josh Duhamel and Dan Fogler are award worthy. Two long term friends are traveling through the desert when their truck breaks down. After finding out it was a ploy by Fogler to start a conversation with Duhamel the two erupt into a battle of life call outs and relationships with not only women but passions of the past. Scenic Route turns into a bloody, dark humours buddy flick that would have been what really happened in Due Date. I really enjoyed this movie and the dark turn it takes at the very end really completed the film. I was upset when this hit limited theaters and did not head our way but im glad its available to take home now. It wont be on my top horror films of the year list but it may end up on my top films to see in general this year. Pick up Scenic Route this weekend as I think you will really enjoy it. 4/5 PARANORMAL ASYLUM- This is the worst movie on the list this week and really was a pain to watch. From start to finish there was a luminous effect that held through the movie. It became really annoying and so did the interaction with the spirits. The film had slight potential when it started but as soon as the evil started Asylum went downhill from there. I like that they story involved the Typhoid Mary tale but the film became stale and pointless as soon as it introduced the dark spirit.

‘Dads’: Does the Seth MacFarlane backlash touch his movies?

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. . “That was a big part of why she was keen to play this part and satirize that aspect of our culture.” Don Jon, which was originally titled Don Jon’s Addiction, also boasts a pivotal turn from Julianne Moore, playing a woman Gordon-Levitt’s character runs into at a community college night class. “Julianne, she’s just been in some of my favorite movies of all time. She’s such a terrific actress, whether it’s Magnolia or The Big Lebowski or Far From Heaven or Safe or Short Cuts – so many great, great movies, and she brings such heart and honesty to all of her characters. That was really important. . . . And I was just flattered and honored that she read the script and liked it. I felt very fortunate.” Although the seed of the idea for Don Jon goes back five years or so, it wasn’t until Gordon-Levitt was in Vancouver making 50/50 – the 2011 comedy with Seth Rogen and Anna Kendrick about a guy diagnosed with cancer – that everything clicked.