J. D. Salinger, Privacy And Celebrity — A Q&a With The Director Of The New Film

I invested money into additional training in order to perfect my craft. I eventually built a clientele and opened my own salon. Hair and Nails Examiner: Can you give a hint on what NeNe’s hair will look like for the big wedding day? Pat Sumpter-Davis: Very old Hollywood glam and Great Gatsby inspired. Hair and Nails Examiner: I recently did an interview with Dr. Oz who discussed an upcoming episode that simulates a giant hair weave to show how bad extensions are on the hair and scalp. He feels more women are going towards a healthy, natural hair trend, especially in lieu of the study that stated African American women forgo exercise in order to maintain the weave and/or the weekly hairstyle. What are your thoughts? Pat Sumpter-Davis: I don’t necessarily agree with Dr. Oz, based on my professional experience in the beauty industry and owner of a Hair Extension Company. I think there are misconceptions when it comes to hair extensions.

I’m A Celebrity 2013 lineup: Michael Le Vell gets £500,000 offer – but there’s a catch

Stella English

People dont know that he entered a concentration camp and was so traumatized he checked himself into a mental institution. He came out and did what no one else would do: He signed up for more. He participated in the de-Nazification of Germany. In a very Salinger-esque way he fell in love with a girl, brought her home to his Jewish parents, discovered she was a Gestapo agent, applied for an annulment and never spoke to her again. That was just three years in the life of J.D. Salinger, 1940 to 1943, all before The Catcher in the Rye. Everyone is so focused on his beautiful, immaculate work, but they dont understand the extraordinary life that he lived. Thats what my film and book are about, this is about Salingers life. Hes not a god; he was a man, a flawed man, a deeply contradictory man. He turned his back on celebrity before celebrity was celebrity. And I have great admiration for him for rejecting all the things that we are conditioned to seek out, like fame and acknowledgement. He deserves our admiration. But there are moments of his life that were equally troubling. Isnt it, though, a false choice between accepting an idealized figure of purity alone in some cabin and probing into all the ways he might have been damaged and even, for want of a better word, phony? Seldom have I read [about] a writers life and actually come away with a greater appreciation of his work.

But theres a catch from ITV bosses. Producers want the confessed alcoholic to give up the booze to prove he could handle three weeks in the jungle without drink. The soap star hit the headlines this year after going on trial over child sex charges. The 48-year-old cleared his name, but at a great legal expense, making the 500k offer rather tempting. Michael has held talks about going on to Im A Celeb and is definitely up for it. Michael thinks people will see a different side to him and he likes an adventure. His brother lives in Australia and he has spent a lot of time Down Under in the past few years, a source said today. According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, bosses wont formally agree until theyre confident that Michael will cope with the conditions of the jungle. The insider explained: There is a lot of money on the table for Michael and it couldnt come at a better time because the court case has left him skint. But one of the main conditions laid down by producers is that he needs to show he is able to cope without a drink. Everyone knows Michael loves a beer. But he is also a professional whose drinking has never got in the way of his work, so he doesnt see Im A Celeb as any different. More on this story…

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