‘prisoners,’ ‘wadjda’ And Other New Movies, Reviewed

Scenic Route turns into a bloody, dark humours buddy flick that would have been what really happened in Due Date. I really enjoyed this movie and the dark turn it takes at the very end really completed the film. I was upset when this hit limited theaters and did not head our way but im glad its available to take home now. It wont be on my top horror films of the year list but it may end up on my top films to see in general this year. Pick up Scenic Route this weekend as I think you will really enjoy it. 4/5 PARANORMAL ASYLUM- This is the worst movie on the list this week and really was a pain to watch. From start to finish there was a luminous effect that held through the movie. It became really annoying and so did the interaction with the spirits. The film had slight potential when it started but as soon as the evil started Asylum went downhill from there. I like that they story involved the Typhoid Mary tale but the film became stale and pointless as soon as it introduced the dark spirit. Stay away from this one folks as the film clocks in around an hour and forty five minutes so unless you don’t want to lose that time stay away.1/5 WORLD WAR Z – Read my review for World War Z here, I really enjoyed World War Z and was anxious to see how it would translate to the home audience.

On Movies: Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s ‘Don Jon’: Getting past that objectification thing

“I was certainly paying a lot of attention to what they were doing,” he says. “But I also have always been really fascinated with every facet of the moviemaking process. The truth is that an actor’s performance is not just made by the actor. So much of that performance has to do with the camera, the editing, the music, et cetera. . . . And with Don Jon, I was just envisioning all of those elements together while I was writing it and figured, I should direct this. “I know how I want to shoot it. I know how I want to cut it. I know how I want to score it. I should just do it.” And do it he did.

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The black-and-white scenes of Dorothy battling against the wind as a twister approaches were especially transporting. Stephanie Merry 1/2 Wadjda (PG) Youre seeing a world on screen that, until now, has been largely hidden from the filmgoing world at large. Because in addition to being a terrific garden-variety coming-of-age film, Wadjda happens to be the first feature-length movie ever made in Saudi Arabia all the more notable in that its been made by a woman, about a young girl chafing against the religious and social strictures of a kingdom literally shrouded in sexual anxiety, misogyny and severe repression. Ann Hornaday 1/2 Salinger (PG-13) While much of the movie consists of variations on this same theme that Salinger was a brilliant, flawed man the film also delves into more salacious matters, including the role of Catcher in the shootings of Ronald Reagan, John Lennon and Rebecca Schaeffer (gunmen John Hinckley Jr., Mark David Chapman and Robert John Bardo were all fans of the novel). Stephanie Merry The Henchmans War (Unrated) Greene, a native Washingtonian with a handful of local directorial and co-producing credits on his resume, has an eye for urban grit and an ear for tough-guy dialogue. He makes excellent use of his shadowy locations, lending War the coveted visual grime that enhances such pulp-noir material. Sean OConnell 1/2 Battle of the Year (PG-13) Lee is attempting to keep a spotlight shining on b-boy culture, an aggressive style of street dancing that consists of body-contorting twists, flips, leaps, spins and poses set to hip-hop music. Lee showcased this next level of competitive breakdancing in his award-winning 2008 documentary Planet B-Boy , and a feature film building on that awareness makes complete sensejust not five years later, when the fad appears to have faded. Sean OConnell My Lucky Star (Unrated) Bringing Sophies comics to life, the movie interjects drawings and animated sequences. The camera spins excitedly, and the editing is brisk. Split-screen compositions evoke the 1960s, as do Sophies pop-art ensembles, which include a lilac wig with matching lipstick. This girlie romp is less about martial arts and espionage than stuffed animals and dress-up. Mark Jenkins 1/2 Good OlFreda (PG) Ryan White weaves in archival footage of girls fainting and images of old headlines. The soundtrack consists primarily of Beatles covers. While the tales of the bands spectacular rise create a genial mood, the film feels superficial. Kelly can be cagey, and when a voice offscreen asks if she ever dated any of the guys, she demurs, saying, Thats personal. Stephanie Merry 1/2 Ip Man: The Final Fight (PG-13) The showiest action sequence involves lion dancers who battle atop high wooden posts. The grittiest and final one sends Ip to save one of his former pupils, whos risked fighting for money inside the gangster-controlled Kowloon Walled City. To add to the drama, the showdown occurs during a typhoon. Mark Jenkins Generation Iron (PG-13) Generation Iron succeeds where other rote sports docs often struggle.


The Chicago and Rome locations add tremendous flavor. Jet Lag Heres another solution to bad romantic comedies: go to France. American moviegoers will already be familiar with the charismatic stars Jean Reno and Juliette Binoche, and theyre wonderful together in the light-as-air Jet Lag (2002). She plays Rose, a cosmetics expert who is slathered in layers of makeup. Reno plays Felix, a former chef-turned-frozen food magnate. An airline strike strands them both at the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport, and fate brings them together when Rose accidentally drops her constantly-bleeping phone down the ladies loo and asks to borrow Felixs. Writer/director Daniele Thompson not only concentrates on getting these two together, but getting them back to basics: Felix back to real food, and Rose back to her natural, fresh-faced look. A reverse-makeover scene, just after Rose emerges from the shower, is breathtaking. The Emperors New Groove Its hard to imagine a Disney animated movie that goes under-appreciated, but its not an entirely uncommon occurrence. After Tarzan became a huge hit in 1999, the goofy, erratic The Emperors New Groove (2000) only earned about half as much revenue, and yet it remains one of Disneys flat-out funniest movies. The wild, angular animation filled with ridiculous one-liners is more reminiscent of Tex Avery or Chuck Jones than any of the Disney classics, which may be what turned off some viewers. David Spade provides the voice of an egotistical emperor who is turned into a donkey by a witch (voiced by none other than Eartha Kitt).